2016 Pee Wee Classic

Pee Wee Classic Rules-2016 (May 28-29, 2016) Saturday and Sunday

  1. First day of play (Saturday) will be pool play, 3-4 games each team (depends on # of teams). Teams will be seeded for 2nd day of play (Sunday) with all teams having a chance to win the tourney. At least 2 games on 2nd day for all teams. Championship games played on Little Cubs Field if agreed upon by team coaches.
  1. All teams will have a chance to have a game on Little Cubs Field
  1. 6 inning games, coach’s pitch, 60 ft. bases, pitch from 35-40 ft., coach-pitcher can kneel to pitch. 9 players on defense at Little Cubs Field, 10 at larger fields, continuous batting order up to 14.
  1. 5 runs max per inning except last inning which will be unlimited, unless game is not close (manager’s decision).
  1. 5 pitches per batter, regardless of number of strikes—no tees
  1. If batted ball hits coach-pitcher, it is dead ball and a do-over
  1. No stealing, no leading off, no bunting.
  1. Sliding at home encouraged if close play, not required.
  1. One base on any ball thrown out of play
  1. Ball hit off wall on fly, without touching player, at Little Cubs Field, is ground rule double.
  1. Highest seed is home team
  1. Awards for top 4 teams ( top 3 in championship bracket and winner of consolation bracket)
  1. Homerun derby Saturday night for coaches and players, spectators. Money paid out to winner.
  1. Ball used is McGregor soft strike 1 baseball.
  1. Girls can be on team if 8U. Ages of players is as of April 30, 2016.(If still 8 on that day, they can play). No birth certificates are needed. Honor system.
  2. Time limit on games.
  3. There can be ties in the pool play. Extra innings can be played if there is time left.
  4. No swearing by anyone
  5. There will be a concession stand on the premises, at Little Cubs Field, with full complement of food and drink, nachos, ice cream, etc.
  6. Food and drink can be brought in. there is a picnic shelter at Little Cubs Field, with picnic tables and electricity.
  7. Handicapped accessible bathroom at Little Cubs Field Gift Shop. Little Cubs Field items for sale at Gift Shop, open all during the tournament.
  8. Homerun derby will be Saturday night at Little Cubs Field about 6 pm with any player, fan, coach, parent, or family eligible to participate. $5 entry fee, one half paid out to winner. Divisions are 9 and under, and 10 to age 90.
  9. Big barrel bats are ok for use by all teams.
  10. We will have Pee Wee Classic 2016 shirts for sale for teams in the tourney, which can be pre-ordered after the tournament teams are determined. The shirts will be ready for teams when they show up for the tourney. Form is attached. Please order by May 1, 2016.
  11. In the event of rain shortening the tournament, the tournament director shall award trophies based on seeds, previous games played, partial games completed, and other factors.

Questions Dennygarkey@hotmail.com 815-235-5318 or 815-685-9507(cell)

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